Monolith to Microservices

Most companies that set out to build microservices have no idea how to design or implement them. Yet somehow, developers are expected to deconstruct million-line dreadnoughts into fleets of speedboats.

This five day workshop begins with a monolithic, database backed application. Every student or team gets their own installation of this system, complete with source code repository and running cloud-based installation.

As the course progresses, students will pick one piece after another out of the monolith and build microservices out of them. But they have to keep the whole application available the whole time!

Fred Brooks said, “Plan to throw one away. You will anyway.” This workshop is your chance to build a microservice based system out of a monolith in a throwaway setting. You won’t have to support this one past the end of the class.

Who Should Attend

Developers moving to microservices.

What You’ll Learn


Technology Stack

During this class, we will use the following technologies.


Students are not required to know all the languages. Starter code will be available.

Operations and Infrastructure

Students can read about Terraform in advance. Starter files will be available.

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