Software Meets the Real World

What we do

N6 Consulting helps you build software you can live with. Systems that run in production and deliver value, day in and day out. We can support you with architecture reviews, design and training. Or if the worst has already happened, we do application firefighting to get you up and running with a stable, fast, and robust system.

Architecture Training

We provide onsite workshops and public training classes, aimed at developers and architects who want to build better systems. If your needs are more specific, we can customize a curriculum for your situation.

Application Firefighters

Our consultants are expert firefighters. Whether you're having trouble getting across the finish line, or you've already deployed a system that isn't performing the way you'd like, we'll help you deliver and achieve real value.

Immutable Values

Software is created by and for people. We believe in respect and dignity for every person. We support stakeholders, users, and inhabitants of our systems. Users should be at ease that their data is protected. Operators and developers should sleep soundly through the night.