Architecture Without an End State - Basics


Simple systems are easier to evolve over time. Unfortunately, simple architecture is not easy to design or build.

This introductory class teaches the foundational skills that every architect should possess: how to explore the boundary of your system, identify interfaces, design for availability, and communicate up, down, sideways, and into the future.


There is no end state. We must all learn to build systems that evolve and grow. In this course, Michael Nygard introduces the fundamental skills and concepts of architecture, with a particular eye toward systems that admit change—bending and flexing through time.

This workshop includes both teaching and hands-on design sessions. Design sessions will be paper and whiteboard work in small groups. You’ll work on real problems drawn from a variety of industries.

Prerequisite knowledge

Experience in software development. No architecture experience is required.

What you’ll learn

Topics Covered

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